If bali is popular as an island of gods. Now lombok,which is a younger brother of bali is known as an island of golds.  A source says to me: every pieces of land in lombok is full of golds. This exploration,firstly known by lombok society not long after the goverment rejected to let a mining company in west nusa tenggara to do an exploration in there. Many people in lombok has now became a “New Rich people”.

What else can be found in lombok? pearl. Pearl from lombok is very wellknown with its high quality. So, I just wanna tell you guys how rich is lombok island and how good it is to do a business in lombok.

Be hurry!!! find your pieces of land in lombok and get ready for a better business future.

if you need some assistants, please feel free to contact me at: adit_6400hola@yahoo.com

Ph: +62 8211 3304 314


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