Are You Ready to Run?

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Are you ready to run on the 2015 AirAsia Bali Beach Run? Wait up! It will be announced very soon. For those who missed the previous AirAsia Bali Beach Run, Check out the complete event coverage:

Bali Beach Run is the first ever 5 K and 10 K Marathon on the beach sponsored by AirAsia Indonesia. This event was organized by PT Trijaya Dewata, A leading media company and event organizer in Bali. More than 1500 runners from all over the world participated on the event. Turned out as the 1st Winner of 5K Male is a Balinese runner Wayan Adnyana and on the female category, Jasmine Boffem has proven herself as the fastest woman in the category.

Meanwhile on the main 10K category, a Nigerian runner Kimosop Collin successfully outcast his closest competitors Willy Tanui also from Nigeria who has to be happy with a Silver medal and Mr.Dennis…

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