Indonesia’s Best Female Singer of All Time

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Ever wondering which Indonesian female singers is actually worth named Indonesia’s Best Female Singer of all time? Mention any of your favorite Indonesian female artists or let me help you with some big names in the industry:

✪ Agnez Mo ✪ Anggun ✪ Krisdayanti ✪ Rita Sugiarto ✪ Evie Tamala

nike-ardila-2015Those mentioned above are truly big stars and have huge number of fans But they’re fans are very segmented. Those who love R&B, or POP Urban will definitely choose Agnez Mo as she is best at it. If you are more into soul or pop, then Anggun is unbeatable. She’s world widely recognized as an international pop singer. Who doesn’t like the crunchy and sexy voice of KD (Krisdayanti)? If you are a Big fan of Dangdut, then Rita Sugiarto or Evie Tamala must top your list of Favorite singers. But this one is a fave of all. She was…

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